Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

//Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services

IT Help Desk Services and Support are more popularly being Outsourced across all industries both public and private. Across the United States and Canada, Universities, Colleges and Private sectors are realizing that outsourcing their internal IT Help Desk needs has many benefits, and no greater benefit than the cost savings associated with making the change. Like any other service, if an IT Help Desk is not something you specialize in, it can be cost effective to hire and train the staff you need to support your end users. In addition, it can create much capital expense to the business to purchase and maintain the tools needed to run the desk effectively.

Many organizations have moved to an operating expense model by outsourcing their IT Help Desk, and allowing the internal IT Staff to focus on the management of the outsourced company.

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Outsourcing IT Help Desk Service across North America

When it comes to answering technical calls, you want the peace of mind knowing the call agents supporting your end users possess the knowledge of best practices with helpdesk etiquette, problem solving and customer service that supports your organization and its goals. You do not want the burden of constant training and dealing with turnover as it relates to keeping your staff connected. An HDI certification is imperative when searching for an outsourced help desk provider. Simple technical tasks like resetting passwords or offering Windows based help desk support can turn bad quickly with an untrained agent. Buchanan is the proud recipient of the 2017 Pinnacle Award, which means our entire team, including management, directors and the entire support team is HDI Certified, offering the highest level of customers service you can find on the market today.

Like Buchanan, many organizations have different offerings to meet the needs of the customer. Buchanan’s solutions include an after-hours only, a weekend only, or a 24/7 x 365 day a year solution with service level agreements that calls will be answered and dealt with accordingly. In addition, you will also want a provider that has a ticketing tool in house, or will user yours. Using the providers tool will save you the capital expense we discussed earlier, but many organizations will offer both options.

Outsourcing IT Help Desk Service for Universities

With a global reach and a primary focus on North America, Buchanan’s Help Desk services are currently being utilized by higher education facilities in Ontario, Canada as well as public sector industries that include aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and architectural firms in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, Louisiana and Arkansas to name a few.

Universities and Colleges are the highest trending sector that have come to understand how efficient Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services truly are. They understand in today's ever fast changing IT realm rules, guidelines and capabilities change all the time. Maintaining a highly skilled department that can navigate a campuses current needs, while training and planning for future needs to maintain an efficient and effective campus or department is challenging and costly.

Outsourcing your IT Help Desk needs can be scary and Buchanan Technologies understands. We believe choosing qualified businesses like ourselves is essential in having an easy transition, ensuring you truly have 24/7 support and a team that is always looking to the future.

Buchanan Technologies invites you to look over our case studies, get personal referrals from our existing client base and connect with our team and let us walk you through what it means to operate as a worry-free industry when it comes to your IT Help Desk needs.